Aluminum Cathode Bar




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20 years ago, GetColored, Inc. designed a cathode bar shape that has been installed in many anodizing systems across the United States. The unique shape provides twice the surface area of flat bar stock with weight savings. We also design and build custom aluminum cathode and header assemblies. These systems have proven to be effective, long-lasting assemblies. All cathode systems are manufactured from alloy 6063, T6 aluminum with stainless steel fasteners for maximum lifespan.

Design & Development

A survey of anodizers was completed to review typical failure of aluminum cathode bars. These bars ranged from flat bars to long finned extrusions. Typical failure is burn through of the back wall and the base of the fin where it joins the back wall. The result of our survey is the design of cathode bar principle of perfect symmetry shown in the print. The fins, thickness, height are all .375 inches thick. This symmetry maintains the current flow. Surface area is increased while weight and cost are decreased. This fin design results in less metal loss or cost than long fin extrusion typically used to increase surface area. The shorter fin saves tank space. This design provides twice the usable cathode area as compared to a flat bar or sheet for cost saving. The thicker metal contributes to the long cathode life. Specifications: Alloy 6063, T-6 temper for maximum corrosion resistance while maintaining current flow. Availability: Stock lengths are 96 inches. Custom lengths are available on request. We can cut and drill to length for a nominal fee. Custom Cathode Header Assembly: We manufacture custom cathode header assemblies. Our header sizes are 1 x 3 inch and 1.5 by 4 inch solid aluminum in alloy 6063.  The cathode header systems are assembled with a proprietary fastening system using 316 SS fasteners.